Where does the path lead for Venezuela?

It will be surreal to say that socialism has collapsed in Venezuela. Collapsing is a sectarian caricature of socialism soaked revisionism.

Where does the path lead for Venezuela?

The last few weeks, the USA guided initiatives in Venezuela, including the attempted coup, on going protests and hacker attacks, shows that tension in this Latin American country will not settle any time soon.  It is indisputable that all the acts which have been staged recently have been casted by the CIA. The outbursts against the staged acts are currently provided by the anti-imperialist vessels in Venezuela.

America and monopolistic capitalist countries guided by America have placed their eyes on this oil rich country’s sources in order to create the hegemony that was in place in the past. It seems that Venezuela will inevitability go on to endure what Cuba and Chile has in the past.
However, the situations have differed now: Venezuela is no longer the same as what Hugo Chavez left behind.

Firstly, the inflation (annual percentage 750), including almost all macroeconomic data (growth, unemployment) has turned upside down. Although these upheavals are not quite the work of the United States, they certainly are keen to benefit from the results of this mess!

(Year-to-year growth ratio) (Year-to-year growth ratio)

(Inflation rate)(Inflation rate)

The Bolivarian Revolution, or in the words of Chavez: "21. Century socialism", in Venezuela seems to be clogged. Throughout the process, instead of applauding Venezuela from far, everyone who has observed in detail would know that, in fact, the “success” Chavez achieved in Venezuela, was not anything other than the construction of a revisionist state capitalism adorned with populism. Venezuela's revisionist version of socialism is the reason why the country is on the table for discussion. In Venezuela, the regime change which brought down oil monopolies was achieved with the support of the broader public, and Chavez’s “21. Century socialism” was built successfully in the cracks of neighborhood committees. 

However, the political seizure of power did not result in the construction of socialist productions relations in its true sense. This of course could have happened but the monopolistic capitalists have directed the oil companies they own to the state in order to expropriate and ignored the democratic demands from the neighborhood committees as they were seen as threats.  As a result, a charismatic leader like Chavez, managed to run the job with populist policies. However it is clear that Maduro, who doesn’t have such a sharp charisma, will not experience a similar repetition of success.

Consequently, however much surreal the "chaos scenario” being staged in Venezuela is, it will be equally surreal to say that socialism in Venezuela has collapsed. Collapsing is a sectarian caricature of socialism soaked revisionism.

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