Why the Saudis choose Turkey to lose Khashoggi?

Why the Saudi authorities redirected Jamal Khashoggi not to Paris, Rome, London or Athens but to Istanbul for a simple document?

Why the Saudis choose Turkey to lose Khashoggi?

Saudi Arabian “opposition” journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared in the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul.

Various scenarios about Khashoggi´s disappearance have been told. However, there are no enlightening explanations based on true information from Turkey and Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia does not accept any formal obligation about Khashoggi´s kidnapping and says, “he came to the consulate and left”.

While saying so, the Saudi authorities imply the truth is different and they have Khashoggi.

After the Saudis, as the most direct party of the “kidnapping problem”, there is also no explanation from Turkey beyond saying “We are investigating the truth. Establishing a working group with the Saudis, we will investigate the claims”.

There are also no denials of the many claims about Turkey, such as “Turkey has the record of the murder and shared this with the USA”, “The order of Saudi Prince Muhammed Bin Salman for the killing of Khashoggi was caught onto the interception of CIA” which also reflected the American media.

On the other hand, as the “major power”, the USA sees herself as a naturally intervening party because of Khashoggi´s US citizenship and concerns of keeping the opposition onside in her interventions in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, Trump comes to the fore saying on the one hand “I know as much as everyone”, on the other hand, “If Khashoggi was killed, we would put harsh sanctions against Saudis”.


Although authorities of USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia say something every day, very little is known about Khashoggi’s disappearance on the October 2.

That is, Khashoggi entered the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul on October 2 and did not exit, at least from the known ways out.

Maybe to this reality, should be added that the disappearance of Khashoggi is not a simple criminal event, and it is related to the struggle for power since the coup d’état of Muhammed Bin Salman with the support of USA-Israel, and the arrest of 11 big princes and confiscation of their properties.

Because Khashoggi is not just any journalist or opposition, he is the most important member of the “Khashoggi family”. Furthermore, because of his well-known personality worldwide, the side he takes in the power struggle of the Saudi Kingdom is significant.


There is one more dimension of the problem, which concerns Turkey more than anyone else.

The answer to the question “Why Khashoggi disappeared in the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul?” can reveal what this dimension is.

Because it is known that the Saudi authorities of New York redirected Khashoggi, who applied to the Saudi Consulate there for marriage, to Istanbul.

Here the question of “Why the Saudi authorities redirected Khashoggi not to Paris, Rome, London or Athens but to Istanbul for a simple document? comes first. Then, other questions appear one after the other.

I wonder whether the Saudi authorities thought Turkey would understand them because of Turkey’s undercover operations where they brought back people linked to the FETÖ coup operations from countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Somalia, Central Asian Republics and so on? Does Turkey´s be a country where jihadist organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood can roam freely encourage countries like Saudi Arabia to do covert operations as well?

Of course, the answers are in the questions themselves. However, it is clear that Saudi administrators have chosen Turkey because they thought it would be the easiest country.

The answer to these questions is important because they reveal that Turkey has become a country in which covert operations can be done easily. Otherwise, why would Saudi Arabia choose Turkey for this operation while their relationship is so bad?

Those who get swept up in the wave of “indigenousness and nationalism” and support these political relationships should think about the answers to these questions.

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