10 February 2018 16:45

Elon Musk’s SpaceX and technological asymmetry

Developments in the field of space and defence, are pointing to the advanced technological levels while creating asymmetry in terms of its purpose.


Elon Musk’s SpaceX sent Tesla brand car to the Mars orbit on Tuesday night. Thinking about the level reached by technology, it is a big step forward for humanity. Last year Boston Dynamics created 6 warrior robots. There, we can see the most advanced applications of sensor technology.

The two developments in the field of space and defence, are pointing to the advanced technological levels while creating asymmetry in terms of its purpose. Through SpaceX, Elon Musk’s aim is to create a human colony on Mars and then create a natural life form afterwards. For this, Musk developed systems, by, each time differentiating the dismantled launching systems, systems that have left the space vehicle at the boundary of the atmosphere and descended into the earth without crashing. Thus, after a while, vehicles which can provide transportation to space repeatedly will be available. At first, an atmosphere to be developed in an artificial greenhouse will then become a natural form as in the world, and Mars will become a natural habitat. At least that's the goal. The fact that last year the production of artificial embryos in the laboratory environment we succeeded has also included “human fields” that we are familiar with from science fiction books take them into probabilities. These developments show that humanity is getting closer to their goals in relation to space. After all, of course, Elon Musk’s ultimate aim is not to save humanity and technology but to save itself commercially, but the technology created is still important for everyone.

However, the technology developed by Boston Dynamics is being designed to develop the war economy. With these robots, thousands of people are killed easily! At present, the sum of nuclear weapons has reached a level that will destroy the world 13 times!

Technology is improving. However, when we evaluate it abstractly from its class and social bases, asymmetrical outcomes occur at a rate that cannot be compared with each other. This is the same today as it was yesterday.

The investment frenzy that began with Bitcoin before the economic arena is now expanding towards the alt coins, has even entered the field of interest and occupation of children in school age. Within no time, like mushrooms “coin specialists" have appeared. The block-chain technology behind the coins is really a revolutionary transformation. But without knowing the essence of it, only focusing on the business side can only be an example of technological asymmetry.

In conclusion, we are witnessing an enormous technological change process. This process - naturally - also increases asymmetry between countries and people. As the economic interests continue to dominate the technological developments this asymmetrical development will also continue.