What is happening in Saudi Arabia?

What is happening in Saudi Arabia?

It is at least clear that those cliques who are carrying out the coup in Saudi Arabia are supported by USA.

It is very clear that the recent developments in Saudi Arabia show that there is a fight amongst those in power to take control. The statements which claim that this is an operation on corruption are simply unconvincing. The clique currently in power is forcefully purging others who also hold power. In other words, it could be considered a coup. In the past there was a fight between those in power but it was less aggressive and was settled once ministerial and important government roles were shared and the crown prince was elected via the council made up from representatives of different tribes. However, the agreements were continuously breached. And now one tribal group is forcefully purging other groups from power. The economic crises would have played a role in this fight. And of course, like many other incidents, the USA has done its own share of meddling. It is at least clear that those cliques who are carrying out the coup are supported by USA.   

Pro AKP media outlets are concerned about these developments. They angrily oppose the moderate Islam promises made by Salman and allege that Salman is controlled by Israel and the USA. They argue that crown prince Mohammad bin Salman has struck a deal with the USA, and with the United Arab Emirates will attack Hezbollah in Lebanon and Qatar, and that as a result the Russia- Iran- Turkey block will find itself in a stand off against the USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel Block. Whilst conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, or Saudi Arabia and Yemen or Saudi Arabia and Iran maybe possible, the probability of Saudi Arabia taking military action against Lebanon is less convincing as claimed by the pro-AKP press. According to the pro-government journalists, Egypt is going to occupy Gaza, Hamas will lose power, there will be an Israel Palestine Federation established and because Hezbollah will oppose these developments, USA-Egypt and Saudi forces will occupy Egypt and bring an end to Hezbollah. From there they will move onto Syria and Iraq, they will take back what they have lost in the past. Thereafter they will move on to Iran and threaten Turkey. The USA has convened an army of 50,000 soldiers for this purpose. The Egyptian, Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirate soldiers will act in collaboration with these forces. Even though it has not been expressly stated, they have indirectly claimed that Barzani and YPG forces will be part of this circle.
AKP supporters are foreseeing a world war 3 scenario. Pro government supporters, claim that AKP is taking a similar position on this issue and for this reason National Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli went to Qatar. They also fit Hariri’s resignation within this scenario of developments. 

Could it be that what the AKP actually fear is not that a world war 3 will break out but that they will lose their most important ally in the Middle-East, namely Saudi Arabia (and soon Qatar) which will mean that they will be next in line to losing power? Could they be thinking that USA might force them out of government? It might also be that by drumming up the fear of World War 3 or a USA intervention that they will grab support from those indecisive citizens before the presidential election. This might also explain why they have recently been cosying up to secularists and those who consider themselves as supporters of Ataturk.

We will wait and see.