Teacher, who said 'Children shouldn’t die' sentenced to 15 months

Teacher, who said 'Children shouldn’t die' sentenced to 15 months

Teacher Ayşe Çelik who called into a national TV show and said 'Children shouldn’t die' is sentenced to 15-months imprisonment.

Ayşe Çelik, a teacher from Diyarbakır, who called in to a national TV show to say “Children shouldn’t die” has now been sentenced to 15-months in prison.

Despite her lawyer arguing against the case, the İstanbul district court decided to sentence her. The court’s ruling states that Ayşe Çelik called a national TV programme and was encouraging and supporting the acts of terrorists.

During the time of the call, in January 2016, military operations were taking place, when Kurdish towns and cities were being bombed in an attempt to kill Kurdish rebel groups and many civilians killed, among them some children.

This was the backdrop to Ayşe Çelik’s phone in to the programme when she pleaded with them to call off the operations, stating that “children shouldn’t die.”

After the decision for her 15 month sentence, her lawyer said Ayşe Çelik was 3 months pregnant and she will have to give birth in prison. (EVRENSEL DAILY)

Last update: 03 October 2017 09:50