Evrensel journalist Kemal Özer detained

Evrensel journalist and nature photographer Kemal Özer was detained by police in Dersim on Sepember 4.

Evrensel journalist Kemal Özer detained

Kemal Özer, a journalist and nature photographer for Evrensel, was detained by police as part of an anti-terrorism probe in the eastern Turkish province of Dersim (Tunceli) late on September 4.  

Kemal Özer’s vehicle was stopped at a police checkpoint at the entrance of Dersim city center while he was returning from the province’s Ovacık district. 

After his detention, police and gendarmerie personnel searched Özer’s home and seized his cameras and digital material. 

Following a health check, he was taken to the provincial gendarmerie command for questioning.  

The detention warrant was reportedly issued by the Tunceli Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Kemal Özer was threatened because of his previous reports of illegal hunting. (EVRENSEL DAILY)

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