Erdoğan called Germany's ruling politicians 'enemies of Turkey'

Erdoğan called Germany's ruling politicians 'enemies of Turkey'

President Erdoğan said: 'The Christian Democrats [CDU], SPD [Social Democrats] and the Green Party are all enemies of Turkey'.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called Germany's ruling politicians "enemies of Turkey". Erdoğan conveyed his message via reporters in İstanbul after Friday prayers. 

He said; "Give necessary support to political parties that do not engage in enmity against Turkey."

"It is not important whether they are the first or the second party. In a way this is a struggle of honour for all my citizens living in Germany," he said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU has been governing in coalition with the SPD. Opinion polls suggest the CDU has a strong lead over the SPD.

Germany will hold a general election on 24 September, and about one million Turkey originated people living in Germany can vote. 

Erdoğan was furious that the German government refused to let some of his allies campaign for him in Germany before the April vote, which paved the way for him to get sweeping new executive powers. That refusal, he said, was "Nazi-style" behaviour.

Tensions increased after the abortive coup attempt in July 2016, in which at least 240 people died.

President Erdogan blamed the Fethullah Gülen over the coup plot and accused Germany of protecting Gulenists. 

More than 50,000 people have been arrested in Turkey since the coup plot, including hundreds of journalists, opposition politicians, academics and activists.

Erdoğan's ruling AKP government has also purged the armed forces, judiciary, police and education sector, sacking more than 140,000 people. (EVRENSEL DAILY)