Evrensel Writer visited Selahattin Demirtaş at prison

Evrensel Writer visited Selahattin Demirtaş at prison

Demirtaş: All democratic powers should attend the CHP’s Convention in Çanakkale and invalidate the AKP’s attempts to divide democratic powers.

We visited Selahattin Demirtaş on Monday, [7 August 2017] at the Edirne High Security [F-type] Prison. He looked well. He sent greetings to all his friends. He was joyous, optimistic and seems to have shed his extra kilos.

We ask about his cases. He tells us that in order to remove his immunity as an MP 110 summaries of proceedings were sent to the TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly); of these 40 has been abated and 30 have been joined-up. He explains how the process has been unlawful and against the Constitution. When the decision to remove the immunity of MPs was taken at the TBMM it was also agreed to apply the decision to pre-immunity period. This, of course, is totally against the law and is yet another error on their part; following this decision, all arrested MPs, including Demirtaş, had their immunity intact and therefore should not have been imprisoned, searched and/or forcefully taken to face judge/prosecutor. Right now, Demirtaş, other HDP MPs and Berberoğlu have the same immunity rights that the current Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım enjoys.

Demirtaş says that the judges and prosecutors are also aware of this but because they are acting under command they ignore it.
Another important revelation by Demirtaş is that the 110 cases filed against him are for-repeating speeches he made in the TBMM outside of the Parliament. This is not only against the immunity rights of all MPs but also another law in the constitution that clearly states “absolute non-liability.”

Demirtaş says legal action has been taken against HDP MPs under the command of the highest rank in power, their houses were raided in the middle of the night as if they were short of time, yet it's been ten months and even the location of the joint proceedings against him has not been decided on. Demirtaş says “the judiciary was not great in the past but now they work under the command and are serving the function of counter-guerrilla that used to carry out extrajudicial killings and executions to suppress the people.”
Furthermore, his daily political analysis encouraging for the listener. He says the AKP rule is bankrupt and therefore resorts to using ever increased violence and OHAL (state of emergency) but peoples’ democratic opposition did not take even a step back. He praises the peoples’resistance and courage. People power during the presidential elections of 7 July, and the referendum regrouped in the ‘Justice March’ and now needs to get together and even more organised under a front for democracy. He says “to those that have voted previously for AKP but no longer want to, we need to explain clearly why they need to vote for the front for democracy and come up with a new common manifesto for all.  “People should not worry about such things as losing their jobs, paying rent, shutting their businesses when AKP is no longer in the power; we must explain to them that not only will they have their rights and freedoms but also will prosper and that their children will find jobs.” He further adds that all democratic powers should attend the CHP’s Convention in Çanakkale and invalidate the AKP’s attempts to divide democratic powers.

Of course, what Demirtaş says is not limited to the above. Due to lack of space here we are unable to narrate his thoughts on the world and the Middle East.

After visiting Demirtaş, we understand better why Erdoğan tries to isolate people like Demirtaşfrom the public.

It is hard not to agree with Demirtaş; it is logical. There is no room for pessimism. The organised and programmed unity of the democratic powers will send the current shaky government to its rightful place.