Are we in conflict with the West in Syria?

Are we in conflict with the West in Syria?

Is there a possible conflict with the West in Syria? Is there a face off, or has the conflict started in the legal channels? 

Is it so? Is there a possible conflict with the West in Syria? Is there a face off or has the conflict started in the legal channels? 

Looking at the headlines of the last couple of days in Star and Yeni Şafak [Turkish daily newspapers], this is the exact situation. Both these propaganda organs are claiming that the West is digging a grave for Turkey in Syria. What is the reality? The least that could be said is that “there is no smoke without a fire!”

The differences between AKP and the West and primarily the US, are not a secret; in relation to their interests, approaches in line with these and hence the strategic, tactical standpoints.

AKP is in search in foreign lands, locked in a “local-national” assertion. This is not new; it has been the same for years. At times, the US and the West were ahead and at times Turkey; nevertheless, interests and tactics could not be synchronised. For example, operation ‘Euphrates Shield’ was carried out after a ‘green light’ from Russia. And finally, Idlib, declared a no-fighting zone following an initiative by Russia/Turkey/Iran, but also an area where almost all the sword holding political Islamists of other areas have converged, is a stage to intense fighting. The common thread is that the West is left outside. And especially not being ‘condoned’ by the US, with its different plan and programme. They obviously cause concern. There are also other issues with Europe, and especially Germany, regarding the Middle East. 

The other side in this friction is the imperialist countries that are used to getting their way. It is clear that they will not say “Ah well, what can we do.” Look at Pakistan, the Prime Minister N. Sharif is removed from office by the Constitutional Court. Commentaries are cropping up: “Pakistan was moving away from the West; it had become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Association. It faced a ‘judicial coup’ by America.” These aren’t all untruths; but we are interested not in whether these comments are true or not here but in how the previously covert guard taken by the ‘partisan press’ against the West is becoming unconcealed.

For example, Star exposes the statement by McGurk, Trump’s Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, on the matter of AKP’s support for al-Nusra - which later changed its name - as the first step of the US attempt to encircle Turkey from the South. Blame the US for the latest fighting in Idlib, claims that it aims to unite the three Cantons and create a “Kurdish Corridor” and concludes that there is an attempt to “give the last piece of land between Afrin and the Mediterranean to PYD.”

In addition, Yeni Şafak starts with “Europe’s support of terrorism is confirmed” and claims that “a legion of 5 thousand, made up of European citizens, under the direction of PKK”, including some Americans, is created in Syria. Another headline is “809 lorries of weapons from the US to PKK”.

Considering the twice declared signing of a contract for the purchase of S-400 defence systems with Russia last week, the news take a more serious tone! It makes you think “is this in preparation for a disengagement with the West”.

Furthermore, when we remember the investigation into 700 German companies “due to their links to terrorism”, which was later glossed over, you cannot help but ask “What is going on?”. The list, which the Deputy Prime Minister M. Şimşek claimed in the German magazine Der Spiegel that “he heard from the media”, if you can believe it, was given to the Germans mistakenly!

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: a path has been entered or strong signs were sent by the summit of the government saying “we are starting, be prepared.” Of course, not straight away, but that it is discussed seriously is clear; it is not done behind closed doors, it is not just an intention anymore. This is made clear by newspaper headlines, firm governmental statements and the precautions taken, such as the S-400 defence systems. It then becomes normal that we are faced with some headlines going a bit far or some dimwit deciding to investigate German companies. The arrest of human rights activists in a meeting in Büyükada, following the message “we have judiciary just like you”from ‘above’; this must be a product of the busybodies eager to get in their good books. In fact, even the preposterous Cumhuriyet case! But once the worm enters the fruit and advances, there is little space for logic!