31 July 2017 20:05

A man who attacked a statue of Atatürk was arrested

Mehmet Malbora, who attacked a statue of Atatürk in Urfa was arrested on July 31.


Mehmet Malbora, wearing traditional religious clothes and a turban, had climbed onto the pedestal of the statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of Turkey, in Siverek’s Cumhuriyet Square and began to hit it with a wooden sickle. 

He has reportedly stated in his testimony that he was “told in a dream” to damage the statue.

“There is no idol worshipping in Islam. Are those who protect the idol worshipping descendants of the Prophet?” Malbora reportedly shouted. He was subsequently moved away from the statue by gendarmerie units and later detained by police for questioning.

He reportedly said in his testimony at the police headquarters that he had “no regrets” and had been told to damage the statue “in a dream.”

He was referred to court after questioning and arrested by the court.

During searches at his residence, police seised Malbora’s mobile phone, tablet computer and PC for examination. He reportedly had no previous criminal record.

Meanwhile, his family have claimed that Malbora is a drug addict. (DHA)