Vicious circle of warmongering

Vicious circle of warmongering

US President Donald Trump enjoyed the fact that he will be remembered as the first president of the USA to pose in front of the Western Wall.

After completing his pompous visit to Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump moved onto Israel, evoking just as much sensation. He enjoyed the fact that he will be remembered as the first president of the USA to pose in front of the Western Wall. With all his might he tried to show what “Obama could not do.” The old and the new presidents of US imperialism may not have a dispute on essential politics of the state but the dispute about staffing arrangements is clear to see. Therefore, he is keeping warm the trivets of the Middle East centred assault, and placing himself next to the Israeli President, he is hitting at Iran.

We faced with a show that must be watched with closely. While, in the context of Syria, Turkey’s credit in the market of war has dropped, Iran’s reintroduction as a nuclear ogre, once thought to be old news, can lead to complicated developments. We can assume from Devlet Bahçeli’s (Leader of Nationalist Movement Party, MHP) speech in his Party’s group meeting yesterday that Turkey has gone cold and almost lost all hope on the US administration; in this colourful speech USA was chastised and Erdoğan received greetings after greetings.

It appears that tensions resulting from the skirmish caused by the the security guards during the visit to the US leading  to the issuing of a diplomatic note, seems to have led to a regional boxing match that is an extension of the PYD (Syrian Democratic Union Party) issue. 

The question before us is this: while the USA decisively returned to its policy, supported by the Saudis and Israel, of Iran being the unchanging enemy in the region, what role will the US dish out to Turkey and how is the deep rooted Kurdish problem of Turkey going to be used for this aim?

On the other hand; how would Turkey respond to this? Crushing the Kurds in return for becoming comrades with USA and Israel in the regional war! Trump and Israel are expecting this. It is possible to to avoid this by embracing, without compromise, peace politics at home and abroad.

All roads lead to this dilemma. This administration is not going to follow peace politics; because this dictatorship is in a vicious circle that feeds on warmongering. If so, it has no solution other then rallying from one war to the next. 

As the cursed dark clouds of a world war darken, there must be something written in history books on those who dream about dictatorship in such days! It’s worth reading them. 

Last update: 27 May 2017 02:26