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Evrensel Daily

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Our headline, “How it really is in Turkey” on the day our publishing life commenced, 7 June 1995, came as a proclamation from the very outset that stripping away the veneer of lies would be the focus of our journalistic activity. The reply came to that headline in the form of a trial.
So, nobody pulled any punches as to where they stood!
We underwent closures over the years. Our colleague Metin Göktepe was arrested while on duty and was taken from among us in a vile beating. We lost our colleague Hasan İşler in an accident that took place while he was covering elections. And there was no end to the trials given our defence of the people’s right to obtain news and learn the truth under all circumstances. Journalism of this kind could not confine itself to the bounds of publishing the establishment sets. Nor did it. Nor will it from here on!
The world experiences the conjoined effects of the rebellions and wars that articulate the peoples’ demand for change and the policies of exploitation and oppression. Within this turmoil, it is inevitable that journalism which does not stop at interpreting the world and harbours the goal of changing it and has at its heart the interests of workers and wage earners and oppressed peoples will experience both financial problems and duress. We balk at none of this. As we have done until now, we will henceforth continue to strive to successfully do our bit towards constructing the world of truth in the face of the sultanate of lies. This is the least our readers deserve.
However, we need your help even more than yesterday today when the economic embargo on us has tightened further in keeping with the rulership’s political goals. We need your support to enable our readers’ from now on just as before to continue to have free access to our website, which ceaselessly strives to adapt to the new digital opportunities of the era. Just as until today, let us together take the reporting of the truth forward into wider dimensions. It is possible with your support to bring the truth to everyone at all times.