12 November 2019 16:31

EMEP: We condemn the US backed coup in Bolivia

The Labour Party (EMEP): We condemn the US backed coup, and we call on all peoples of the world to give their support to the working peoples of Bolivia.

Photograph: EPA-EFE/AA


The Labour Party (EMEP) released a statement about the coup carried out in Bolivia. Stressing that “A US backed coup was carried out in Bolivia; the Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned as a result of pressure from the army. Morales took refuge in Mexico after a warrant for his arrest was issued,” the statement added that “We condemn the US assisted coup and call on all peoples of the world to give their support to the working peoples of Bolivia.”

The EMEP statement reads:

“Those opposing the Morales government in Bolivia were on the streets since the October elections. Morales had decided to repeat the elections by replacing the Election Board. Despite this, with the mobilisation of the police and the army around the government opposition, Morales’ decision to renew elections has been rendered meaningless.

Morales had come to power after securing peoples’ support with his opposition to imperialism and neoliberal policies. But from the second year of his power, facing coup threats and attempts, he began to search for points of compromise with the bourgeoisie. However, instead of attempting to unite and organise the people, with primarily the working class, in order to put the anti-imperialist and popular policies into practice, once the search for a compromise with the bourgeoisie came to the forefront, Morales had thereby weakened the basis on which he could manoeuvre.

Viewing South America as its backyard, the US is forcing all governments daring to take anti imperialist positions into submission from the earliest days of their power through coups, assassinations and conspiracies. Such is also the case in Venezuela lately.

Throughout the terms of left- or right-wing governments implementing neo-liberal policies in South America, the peoples of this region have become impoverished and remained under oppression. The mechanisms of rule have also become degenerated. Against these degenerated mechanisms of rule, which also give free rein to US backed fascist governments and coups, the only solution for the peoples of Latin America is to continue with their struggle for their own power; and to sweep away the imperialist hegemony, with primarily the US, from the continent.

As EMEP, we condemn the US backed coup, and with primarily the people of the US, we call on all peoples of the world to give their support to the working peoples of Bolivia.

Our party is with the people of Bolivia fighting against the coup.” (EVRENSEL DAILY)