17 May 2018 11:58

This is Trump and Netanyahu’s Middle East politics

An approach which is narrow and only targets Israel as the perpetrator of these massacres is wrong. The fundamental problem is US politics.

Photograph: Ashraf Amra/AA

İhsan Çaralan

The relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was celebrated with the massacre of over 60 Palestinians and almost 3000 injured Palestinians.

Real bullets were used against protestors armed only with slingshots who marched to the Israeli border to protest. The Israeli army demonstrated Trump and Netanyahu’sMiddle East politics in action through the massacre of civilians.


The world reacted with concern to this massacre, which was the joint effort of US imperialism and Israel’s Zionist government. Many countries condemned the massacre using ‘harsh words’. But these reactions did not go beyond making “tough announcements” and “routine accusations”. Moreover, it is well known that neither Trump nor Netanyahu pay attention to such verbal criticism. In fact, their past actions show they wear these reactions as a “badge of honour” which is reflected in the psycho-political emotional state in which they work.

For this reason, when reactions to the USA and Israel aren’t painful enough, there’s no point in expecting this “pair” to take any steps back because of “criticism”, “warning” or “protest”.

Of course, when we say “painful reaction”, we are not talking about waging war on the US or Israel, but refer to actions which can achieve economic, military and political solutions. For example, at the very least a handful of countries could have moved their Palestinian ambassadors to Jerusalem; limited their economic, military or political relationships with the US and Israel; organised an international conference for the resolution of the Palestinian issue; or undertaken campaigns that expose how the US and Israel’s politics push the Palestinian issue further away from a resolution etc.  


One of the most important things here is that the reactions need to target the USA, even more than Israel. Because the Zionist politicians of Israel will not and cannot take any actions without the permission, support and protection of the US. Therefore an approach which is narrow and only targets Israel as the perpetrator of these massacres is wrong. Quite the contrary, the fundamental problem is US politics in the region, which seeks to provoke countries in the region against one another, formulate blocks, alliances and pacts to suit its own interests and block other countries. Without standing up against this, it is not possible to end Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians and achieve peace between Israel and Palestine. Everybody must know this by now.

Of course, the role that the coming together of imperialist and Zionist representatives played in the events of the previous days is clear. But, we mustn’t forget that the world is not ruled by “mad” people or “psychopaths”; it is ruled by capitalist powers and their smart representatives. This is why actions that appear “crazy”, save a few exceptions, reflect the need for the owners of capital to use these “crazy” people to further their own interests.

The events of the last quarter century show that just saying “down with Israel” or “down with the America” do not harm America or Israel. What is needed is a struggle for peace that doesn't allow for the US and Israel (and other imperialist powers) to intervene in the region, allows for the region’s people to act in solidarity, and respects the right of self-determination.

This struggle is not just in the interests of the Palestinian people, it is also the only way out for all people in the region, including the people of Israel.


Up to now, the strongest and heroic statements in relation to Palestine were made by Turkey. However (as mentioned in the statement by the labour party of Turkey) the economic, military and political ties have continued, trade agreements have increased between the two countries. Despite the exchange of accusations, Turkey’s military tanks and war planes continue to be serviced in Israel.

After the latest massacre [in Palestine], the [Turkish] President and other officials, opposition party spokes people and presidential candidates all made accusations including accusations of genocide. In fact, three days of mourning was declared. Erdoğan made calls for a big rally in Yenikapi, called the Islamic Union to convene and announced that there will be a rally on Sunday in Diyarbakir.

During the election campaign period, at a time when tensions are high [in Turkey], Erdogan has abused his position again by claiming that he will organise it [a rally] and those who want will attend. In the meantime, another presidential candidate, SelahattinDemirtas made calls for all the candidates and political parties to hold a joint rally. This [joint rally] could have been very effective in support of the Palestinians.

In addition, similar to the Yenikapı rally which took place after the coup attempt on 15 July, this rally (like the rally in Diyarbakir which has the potential to turn into an election rally) could become a show for AKP. Because AKP does this all the time. If one asks whether they would do such a thing on a tragic subject, well we can only wait and see what happens in a few days.