23 March 2018 21:08

Einstein, Hawking and Marx

Stephen Hawking died on the birthday of master Einstein, seems like a signal.


The two-successive genius, Albert Einstein and Stephan Hawking. Interestingly, the successor Hawking died on the birthday of master Einstein, seems like a signal. The very sad story of the most esteemed physicist of this epoch could not prevent studying, by the virtue of studying he contributed to the mankind. The onset of illness, the doctors predicted lifetime for him only two more years, but his lifetime extended more than half-century. It would appear that human and society love of nature is more gently and humane than the consciences of the politicians. Unless a country embraced the genius of the century Albert Einstein who fell victim to Hitler's wrath in spite of fairness of nature, he would be consumed as a soup or be died at a low ebb previously. The intervention to academia with the greed of a politician spreads country-wide and it could not be counteracted for years. The violence of Hitler to the academia with his simple-minded led to non-ranked their previous positions in the science world among popular universities despite the half century has been passed. A scientist is like a fermented tissue under the free and proper conditions after many years!

Weeding out some scientists just like “weeding out bad apples” from this tissue ruins the whole community as protracted compensation. See the instance of Germany. German academicians who moved to other countries as escaper from Hitler, the U.S. is in the first place, many countries and Turkey benefited. The physicists like Einstein and von Braun were assigned in the important places for U.S. space investigations, and they played many critical roles, and the scientist who took refuge in Turkey in the time period of establishment of the University of İstanbul, served previously for Turkey. The meaning of University is not just as buildings or campus, especially not filled up staff. The university cannot be formed even as hearing filled up staff who got master’s degree or did a doctorate in the abroad and famous universities. Because the university is a kind of brewing thoughts reservoir over time. Therefore, a country must dote upon to its universities and enables and provides opportunities to their developing. A university is not a decision maker for the society, but it is just like a working and processing brain. A thinking and processing brain evaluates the whole decisions in the fields of economics, politics and other, then it present information to the society which this information helps for making the decisions. As expected, this information could include critical arguments against to the existing policies and could serve as a warning.

“The freedom for the expression” in the laws protects the academicians who are entrusted with a task by the society, opens a debriefing channel and provides a freedom for the political beliefs of the society.

To mention about the only lack of freedom for expression is the easiest way like in the noncivilized countries, but the important question is that the society’s closing channels for accessing authorities who are raised by the allocation of the resource of the society as making self-sacrifice to create a reliable information base for itself. In other words, the attack on the academia is not only against to the scientist, also against to the society. It cannot be mentioned about the democracy like in these societies. The idiogenetic high skilled academicians who are making investigations for the benefits of the societies could be exposed to the oppression of the states. We see one of the examples of this oppression from the Karl Marx’s life. Karl Marx, who was born in Trier, Germany, he was expelled from Germany and France by virtue of his discourses and died under the misery conditions. Interestingly, whilst Marx was revealing and seeking a way to solve poverty a problem of the poor people, he sunk into despair. Although he counselled to the worker for unity, the advanced united capitalist class revenge from the workers who were dispersed self-indulgence labourer in the time period of social democracy.

It is not necessary to become intelligent in the insensible society since insensible ignorant already believe in all words.

While Hitler and Mussolini were speaking to the public in Berlin, they mentioned that there were only two democratic constitutions in all over the world, one of them is German Constitution and another one is Italian Constitution. The case is not much different in today.