The US national security strategy document to ‘force’ the world into line!

The new ‘national security strategy document’ of the US is fitting with Donald Trump policies and rhetoric.

The US national security strategy document to ‘force’ the world into line!

President of the US explained the new US"national security strategy" titled "America First" which is "based on four basic elements".

Trump ranked these “four elements” as;

-“Our new strategy document will give priority to the security of our borders
- The second fundamental principle in our strategy will be to protect and strengthen America's prosperity
- The third main point of our strategy is to protect peace with force
- Another basis of our strategy is to increase America's effectiveness and strength all over the world”.

Trump defended the strategy by saying; "With this strategy, we recognize that the world returned to the strong military, economic and political competition.We are face to face with our opponents, namely Russia and China, who challenge American influence, values and richness.”


While Trump openly expresses US imperialist interests he claims that “it is the legitimate right of America to resort to any means, including dragging the world into wars to achieve these means.

For this reason, Trump’s expression of US imperialist intentions does not make him a leader who is telling the truth. Indeed, Trump - a radical advocate of the interests of US imperialism -enshrined his election promises in "national security” documents; building a wall on the Mexican border, to imposing the embargo on Iran; pinpointed China and Russia as "enemy powers".Undoubtedly, while the Middle East is being re-organised through the axis of Saudi Arabia-Egypt, he also made sure that continuation of initiatives such as "Qatar" and "Jerusalem" will be added to the “document”.

The US, with this "national security strategy", is promising a world without peace and prosperity in the coming years, the economic race and the military struggle between countries to go further and promises to sharpen contradictions and conflicts for re-sharing the world. Therefore, in the coming months and years; it would not be wrong to say that not only competitors and enemies of the US but also its allies and co-operative regimes will be the target of oppression of the "American power" in order to make them adhere to this strategy.For example, it is not wrong to expect new initiatives such as the move of Saudi Arabia-Egypt against Qatar over Russia and Iran, and the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


Trump's "national security strategy" document does not explicitly say anything for Turkey but the new "regional power" and the "model country" for the US is no longer Turkey, which is getting closer with Iran and Russia.Since there are Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries around them it will not be a surprise if “new adjustments” are deemed fitting for Turkey based on this axis.  

As Russia and China are shown as the main targets of the US national security strategy; Turkish purchase of S-400 missile system from Russia, its Syrian policy, relations with Iran and Israel-Jerusalem policies could make it a target of Trump’s USA.
This is ironic for the Erdoğan-AKP government, as they were one of a few countries that rejoiced in the election of Trump but also cannot stand up to.

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