11 December 2017 14:21

Jerusalem charlatans

Unless the Palestinian people determine their own destiny, there will always be charlatans abusing this problem.


Kings, Kayers, Caliphs, Orders, Sultans ... all wanted to capture Jerusalem by declaring it "sacred" for their own beliefs. With the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948, the battles to capture Jerusalem became even more intense. Some parts of the city have been ruined ...  The fact that US President Donald Trump has declared Jerusalem, whose significance has always been  “extraordinary”  throughout history,  as capital city of Israel with a decree and that he ignored the Palestinians have made the region more tense. If we look at the statements made from both Palestine and other countries for the last two days it seems that it will be even worse.

Although the US presidents who came to work after 1995 say that they would declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, they did not do it when they took office. Because, they knew that this was a very risky move, a great provocation.
For this reason, what Trump and the US government intend to do inside and outside with the "Jerusalem provocation" is more important. It can be said that the "Jerusalem bullet" was mainly played against domestic politics.

Failing to fulfill many promises he had made before his arrival, Trump preferred to respond to the expectations of internal pressure by fulfilling at least one of his promises with Jerusalem decision. The controversial decision to prevent some Muslim countries to enter the United States was later canceled by the courts. The decision, proclaiming that a city which is historically important in terms of Muslims is Israel's capital, of Trump, who is on the same line with the right-populist racist parties in Europe on the subject of Islam and immigration, should be seen as a continuation of this racist mentality.

It has also been aimed to cover up the investigations that are being carried out because of Russia's connections. In other words, "Jerusalem move" was made against the stalemate in domestic politics. The timing shows this. However, this will not save Trump, either, since after a few days of debate and criticism, the pointer will turn back in.
Even European countries that have "historical responsibility" against Israel have declared that Jerusalem's unilateral declaration of Israel is not helping the region and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It is out of the question for the moment that they should shift their embassies from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

The decision seems to lead to significant debate and confrontation in international politics from now on. Firstly, it has left the US's allies in a difficult situation in the Islamic world. Countries and leaders who have been in good relations with Israel or the United States or who have made what they said until now will no longer be able to move as smoothly as they did before. Second: radical Islamist organizations that will abuse Jerusalem will continue to strengthen.
Unless the Palestinian people determine their own destiny, and the road to Jerusalem becoming the capital of the two state settlements is opened, there will always be charlatans abusing this problem.