Waiting is over at metal, workers' struggle continues

Waiting is over at metal, workers' struggle continues

The insistence of metal employers, on a 3.2% pay increase was met with the action of refusing to do overtime with 100% participation of the workforce.

Metal workers are angry with Metal Employers’ Association's (MESS) attempts to impose a 3-year contract and a 3.2% pay increase. Workers that fully took part in the action, called for by the Turk Metal Union, say that actions that will force the hand of their employers and impact on production will have to be taken from now on. Reiterating that an agreement that meets their demands cannot be realized through expectations from employers and union representatives, workers warned that “the outcome of the agreement will be determined by the actions of workers.”

During the negotiations that started after the metal workers resistance in 2015, which started as a reaction to the 3-year contract and the low pay rise, workers expected employers to give a satisfactory pay rise and that Turk Metal, which saw resignations during the resistance, would achieve the desired level of a pay rise. Workers were expecting an agreeable deal until negotiations stalled. At the negotiation table, Turk Metal demanded 2-year contracts and a pay increase of 3.8% while MESS insisted on the 3-year contract and 3.2% pay increase; this reversed the expectations of the workers. This was reflected in the decision to call for an action of no overtime by Turk Metal following the disagreement in the TIS (collective bargaining) negotiations. Workers, achieving full participation in the action, want more advanced actions to achieve their demands.


Following the offer from MESS, Birleşik Metal-İş Union declared disagreement. In a statement, the union declared that the power drawn from production will be used against the impositions of MESS and that the General Collective Bargaining Commission will meet on Friday, 8 December. (EVRENSEL DAILY)