27 July 2017 10:28

Call for unity from the HDP MPs organising the Resistance Vigil

HDP MPs, who vowed to have initiated a “Resistance Vigil” against homogenisation and oppression of society, have spoken to Evrensel.


Serpil BERK 
Fırat TOPAL 

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has launched a “Conscience and Justice Vigil” under the slogan of “We Shouldn’t Stop, We Should Stop Fascism”. HDP MPs, who vowed to have initiated a “Resistance Vigil” against homogenisation and oppression of society, have spoken to our paper about the current political climate in the country, as well as announcing the launch of akin vigils in İstanbul, İzmir and Van in the coming days, to which they’ve called upon the public to partake in. 


Osman Baydemir, HDP’s Spokesperson and the HDP MP for the province of Urfa, stated that Turkey has been undergoing a homogenisation process for the past two years, and, further, relayed the following views: “In Turkey, almost everything is under the control of a single political party. The media, public spaces, parliament are all spheres being sought for the possession of a single political party, not to mention that the judiciary is already under the dominance of a single political party. This is the main reason for us holding our parliamentary group meeting here and not in the parliament. The parliament is swiftly becoming devoid of being a medium wherein via dialogue consensus could be attained.”

After highlighting their call for equality, freedom, justice and honourable peace, Baydemir, conveyed the following assessments regarding “the Conscience and Justice Vigil”: “Transcending fascism is the sine qua non of an honourable peace. Without this, we’ve no grounds for achieving democracy. Without overcoming fascism, the judiciary cannot be independent. The barricades that we’ve erected across this park aren’t just safeguarding the HDP MPs as they are also safeguarding democracy in Turkey. They also aim to safeguard freedom of thought, justice and liberty. With this vigil, we aim to synchronise the cry of Selahattin Demirtaş, the imprisoned co-leader of the HDP, with that of Semih and Nuriye. The cry of Semih and Nuriye is meeting the cry of the Kurdish people. I believe that when people actuate their conscience fascism will rescind – they fret over this. This is because when the conscience of the masses arouses the calls for peace will rise. Their hegemony ends the day peace blossoms, the very day people stop dying they will lose their power. To attain power, they unleashed war. When fascism regresses, liberty, democracy and justice will prevail. This is why we need to act in unison. Only in unison could establish an honourable peace.”  


Feleknas Uca, the HDP MP for Diyarbakır, on top of stating that the parliament-imposed state of emergency, known by its acronym OHALin Turkey, resulted in injustices and oppression, shared the succeeding opinions with our paper: “Within the past year wherein OHAL has been imposed, we’ve seen oppression against the academics, media, toiling masses who’ve demanded freedom. Hundreds have been purged. Hundreds of institutions and associations have undergone forced closure. OHAL is actually being implemented against the Kurds, democrats as well as people who are struggling for liberty. To stop fascism, we’ve taken this action. This vigil is against isolation, oppression against society, imprisoned MPs and mayors as well as imposed trusteeships over HDP-controlled municipalities. These vigils will take place for 4 weeks. Regardless of what will experience, we’ll not renege on this decision. Hereafter, we’ll be on the streets and with the public. We call upon everyone to partake in these vigils.”