27 May 2017 01:40

Armed attack in Egypt: 26 Coptic Christians lost their life

Armed attack was organised towards a group of Coptic Christians in Egypt. It was reported 26 people lost their life and 25 wounded during attack.


Armed attack was organised towards a bus which was carrying a group of Coptic Christians to a church of West Minya region in Egypt. According to Health Ministry of Egypt, 26 people lost their life, and 25 were wounded.

Governorship of Minya Assam Al-Badawi also confirmed that Coptic Christians were exposed to attack during travelling to a church in south of Cairo. 

Coptic Christians had been attacked two times in the same region on April and also 40 people had lost their life after a bomb attack towards a church in Alexsandrapol.

ISIS claimed responsibility after these attacks.

10 percent of population of Egypt are Coptic Christians. (EVRENSEL DAILY)